Adventum Tech Limited is a Latvian based company, that
focuses on development of revolutionary hardware and
software for unique applications within construction,
manufacturing, mobility and energy sector.
Our Team has extensive experience within focus industries
across Baltic and Scandinavian countries, that gives a strong
advantage understanding the need of the end customer and
value of the solution.

Primary focus of Adventum Tech is construction process automation.
Conventional methods applied in construction are not transparent, risky and often inefficient.
In order to address the aim of creating construction processes transparent Adventum Tech is offering 3 solutions:


LiveLoad is a hardware solution uniquely developed by Adventum Tech that
monitors the loadbearing of temporary and permanent supports. LiveLoad
sensor system tasks are:

  • to monitor overall loadbearing of the structure
  • to detect overloaded supports eliminating any risk of further deformation,
    deflection or even collapse
  • to record total weight of reinforcement and concrete applied in the
  • to record the progression of reinforced concrete structure’s development
  • to increase safety and transparency of erecting superstructure’s behavior

TempSense is a hardware sensor solution that monitors concrete’s curing
temperature in reference to the air temperature and concrete’s age.
TempSense sensor system tasks are:

  • to record concrete’s curing temperature
  • to record air temperature
  • to record concrete’s age
  • apply received data for further analytics and estimate concrete’s maturity
    and strength

DeflectSense is a hardware sensor solution that monitors the structure’s
bending deflection. DeflectSense sensor system tasks are:

  • to record bending deformation of the structure
  • to input recorded data for further analytics
  • to inform project stakeholders about structure’s in-situ deformation

LIVELOAD.APP is an internet based software solution developed by
Adventum Tech Ltd. where collected data through LiveLoad, TempSense
and DeflectSense application is collected, stored, analyzed and displayed. service allows to keep valuable data with easy and protected
access to all involved stakeholders in one place. The data is easily perceived
and can be customly designed and modified according to the customer